Expertise, performance and collaboration

As a family owned and run business, established in 1981, MGS prides itself on the fact that for over 40 years, its dedicated team has pushed the boundaries on specialist corrosion inhibitor additive formulation across a wide range of applications and industries.

High performance products

The result is a range of high performance products that consistently outperform the competition, whether it is our TINSCO performance additives, or our ready to use XCP® Professional range of maintenance, lubrication and rust protection compounds.


ISO 9001 certified

Located at purpose built facilities in Dunbar, Scotland, MGS Chemistry Group is a modern, ISO 9001 certified company with ambitious goals and an eco-friendly ethos.

In collaboration with customers and partners, MGS is committed to making a positive impact in the future, striving to deliver further improvements in performance and product sustainability, as it maintains the high quality and consistency expected by its customers and partners.