More than 80 years of combined industry experience

Our primary objective is always the development of additives that will enhance the performance of customer formulations. With more than 80 years of combined industry experience, our expertise ensures that our products are designed for, and deliver in today’s ever changing and fast moving markets.

At £2.1 trillion, the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of the world’s GDP*. It has been the subject of scientific study for more than 150 years. It has been the subject of scientific study for more than 150 years.

*NACE Economic Impact Study (2013).


A naturally occurring phenomenon commonly defined as the deterioration of a material (usually a metal) or its properties because of a reaction with its environment. The most common type of corrosion occurs when iron is exposed to oxygen and the presence of water. This creates a red iron oxide commonly called rust. Other types of corrosion include pitting, crevice and galvanic.

Corrosion is complex and can cause both dangerous and expensive damage. Harmful corrosion can occur in a variety of forms, but thankfully, in many cases it can be effectively prevented, and effective corrosion inhibitors & rust preventatives can help extend the lifetime of your assets.

Meeting customer requirements

For more than 40 years, MGS products have delivered optimal performance in the field of corrosion and rust protection. The technical team have a proven track record in the formulation and development of innovative and high performance products that meet customer requirements across a wide range of markets and applications.

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